Mike Mullen BMX & Terry Price Scooting Visit Hinchingbrooke School

On Monday 11th March the Hunts School Sports Partnership in partnership with Living Sport ran an Action Sports event for students in Year 7/8 who may be struggling with transition or engaging with mainstream PE. The event invited the amazing Mike Mullen and Terry Price for two exciting BMX & Scooter Workshops.

The day was split into a morning and afternoon festival with the students engaging in a motivational talk and demonstration from Mike and Terry, focusing on resilience and developing a growth mindset, followed by the opportunity to develop their BMX and Scooter skills with a masterclass session.

Doug Finlayson, Hunts SSP Manager said, “The event was truly inspirational! It was amazing to see how the students developed their skills and demonstrated resilience and a growth mindset if things did not go to plan. Mike and Terry were amazing with the students and the Year 7 and 8s definitely left absolutely buzzing! Hopefully, we can organise more of the same events in the future.”